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Carrie Whittaker


Telephone: (914) 552-2179


Offices in : Manhattan, NY

                    Pleasantville, NY




Congratulations on taking the first step towards positive change! Deciding to seek counseling is not always an easy choice. It is important to me to be able to help my clients feel at ease and be comfortable discussing their concerns.


Creating a safe and encouraging space for clients to discuss and work on issues is the cornerstone of my work. Maintaining a positive therapeutic relationship is vital for change in counseling. One of my greatest abilities as a counselor is to connect with clients and help them feel supported, understood, and appreciated as they heal. I work with clients to gain increased strength and insight as they move through the counseling process.

I take confidentiality very seriously in my pratice and take pride in treating each client as an individual with individual needs, not as a diagnosis or symptom. Confidentiality and individuality are pillars of my counseling practice.


Please contact me to discuss setting up an appointment or for further questions!


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