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End of Summer Doesn't Have to Mean Winter Blues!

As the summer winds down, vacations come to a close, and back to school shopping hits full swing, this time of year can be difficult. Seasons really do have an effect on us. The end of summer can be exciting but it can also mean people have less time off work and more stress in school. Fall can be such a beautiful time but it also means that winter is on it's way. People just seem to be happier in the summer. It is brighter, warmer, and brings hope and excitement. As the season changes, people's moods have a tendency to shift negatively.

Beaches start to close and we spend more time indoors. However, it is important to remember to continue to have some time outdoors this fall. Go for a walk outside. Try to get fresh air as often as possible. Being outside, getting vitamin D, and being in nature has a wonderfully positive effect on mood and can help stave off the blues that can begin to have a stronger effect after the summer season.

So this fall, pay attention to your mood. If you find yourself having more difficulty and feeling more upset, step outside. Find a fall festival or go for a walk in the park. Remember that getting out of your home and getting exercise are great ways to stay happy!

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