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SAD During Winter?

Have you ever found that you feel sad or depressed throughout the winter months more than any other time? Do you find yourself exhausted, unhappy, and unmotivated after the holidays are over? It's gray. It's cold- at least here in New York! The nights are longer and the days shorter. You might not be sad, but actually SAD- "SAD", short for Seasonal Affective Disorder. You aren't alone. It is fairly common during the wintertime. It is a DSM diagnosis for seasonal depression, a phenomenon that can occur at different times of year depending on the individual, but most commonly rears its ugly head in winter.

So pay attention to how the winter affects you! Take extra special care of yourself if you are affected by the weather and the cold. We aren't always aware of how much a lack of vitamin D and sunlight affect our moods, but the science supports it. Recognize that you aren't alone and that, like the days, things will get brighter! Spring is coming....

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