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Is My Relationship Normal?

As a therapist, I can tell you that there really is no “normal.” There are many socially-constructed “norms” for relationships, primarily relating to the concepts of monogamy, marriage, and children. These constructs may work for many couples, but it may be time to consider what you and your partner really want. Times are certainly changing and ideals are changing too. There are new questions to ask yourself and your partner: Is marriage right for me/us? Is monogamy what I am really looking for? Is living together really better for us? Can we both work and have children? If not, who stays home? Am I ready to settle down? There has been a growing trend of holding off on marriage until later in life, with many couples opting out of legal matrimony all together. Couples are also opting to have fewer children, many preferring to have no children at all. The concept of non-monogamy in relationships is becoming more socially “acceptable” and “normal.”

What it comes down to is: Are you both satisfied? What works for you and your partner may not work for another couple and vice versa. It may take some effort and consideration to determine what works for you. Try not to worry about "normal" and just enjoy!

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